for Buildings
Talk to business around you.
1,500,000,000 of people worldwide
spend 8 hours a day in a building.

But now it's ridiculously hard
to talk to a store in 200 meters.
See who's around
And chat with them
Order cup of coffee on the go
It will be ready when you will come
5,600,000 commercial buildings in USA
88,000,000 people working there daily
Chat is better than call
Send photos, keep history,
be free of talking
We sell user analytics
- Demographic and interests
- Moving trajectory
- Chat metadata
We sell power-ups
- Smart navigation
- AI chat bots for answers
- Advert in chat and during navigation
Small tariffs for
- Stores
- Restaurants
- Coffee shops
- Little shops
Complex solution for
- Malls
- Business centers
- Parks
- Airports
- 7 years on Upwork
- Top Rated
- 43 projects done
- 7800 hours worked
We are totally lazy
- Talk to people
- Change MVP in 1 day
- Repeat
What has been done
- 20 mall workers interviews
- Landing page (Pre-order MVP)
- Technical plan (for Single Use Case MVP)
1. Create MVP
2. Test it in the mall
3. Adjust features
4. Repeat