Concentrate your forces
How to avoid procrastination?
Know your fears
How to control your fears?
Fast is slow, and slow is fast
How to invest, not hurry?
Target - $1M Company
How to make something people need?
How to think mathematically?
Be crazy
How to be bold?
Study hard
How to learn faster?
Keep experimenting
How to make more experiments?
Move fast and break things
How to move fast?
Cancel, Automate, Delegate
How to do less?
Make money
How to make money?
Measure it
How to measure better?
People is power
How to build great team faster?
Routine is important
How to start day better? How to finish day better?
Architect first
How to start development from architecture?
$60/h minimum
How to increase hourly rate?
$10,000 minimum
How to take only big projects?
Developed countries only
How to stick with rich customers?
Know the end of the project
How to find next project in advance?
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