Users show other users what happens around.
Peep the world
All the users are on the map. You can Stream or Peep.

You can peep for existing stream, or for some location. To do that just set your map pointer somewhere and press eye icon.

Press keyhole icon and activate your Streamer status. Now users see you on the map and can ask you start the stream.

While streaming, you will be marked red, and anybody can join you.
Request for stream
After you peep some Streamer, you will need to wait before he will turn on his camera.
Receiving notification
When some Peeper request you for the stream, you will receive notification.

You can start stream and show him what happens around.
While seeing the stream, you see Streamer's name, location and number of watchers.

You can ask him move the camera to show something very special for you.

Simply swipe the screen horizontally or vertically to ask him rotate or move forward or backward.
Peepers always looking for some special detail, so help them, please.

Peeper will ask you rotate, move forward and backward by swiping theirs screen.

You will see green arrows over your video. After you will do it, arrows will disappear.
Peep The World Now
Peep App will be available for free on Google Play soon.

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