My name is Airon Tark, I have 9+ years in mobile and full-stack development.
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The idea in one line:
Implement Blockchain Commons Uniform Registry standards in pure Dart code, so anybody can create Flutter airgapped wallet fast and easy.

More detailed:

1. What is the Blockchain Commons Uniform Registry?

It's a standard for encoding structured binary data for transport in URIs and QR codes. Simply put it converts objects to strings and QR codes. We need it to make air-gapped wallets.

2. What is the air-gapped wallet?

Air gapped wallet is a type of cold wallet that communicates with the world via QR only. This is the truly cold wallet which means it is never connected to anything (internet or laptop). They only show and scan QR codes.

So this air-gapped wallet keeps your private keys and signs transactions by scanning the QR that contains transaction data and then showing the QR that contains signed transaction data. That's it. Very safe.

The problem is we need a way to show transaction or account data in a QR in some standard and readable manner. This is why Uniform Registry exists.

3. What is the problem?

The problem we have no Dart implementation of this standard.
It's implemented in Swift, Java, Javascript, C++, Rust and so on. Not in Dart.

So if anybody will try to create an air-gapped mobile wallet in Flutter (which is the best mobile cross-platform framework nowadays) he will face a problem.

He/She will need to create a plugin and use both Java / Swift implementation inside or use the JavaScript bridge. All of this will cost the developer time and money during the development and support time

4. What is the solution?

I will port this implementation to Dart so anybody can create Flutter air-gapped wallet fast and easy.

5. Info

- Gitcoin: https://gitcoin.co/grants/5721/dart-implementation...- Github: https://github.com/tark/dart-bc-ur